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Hello! I realize this comm is for all intents and purposes dead, but nevertheless, having only recently discovered JJ, I figured I may as well post and say a hello to the other fans on LJ.

I'm 24 and only recently discovered JJ in a very roundabout way-- through the collaboration on the Shatner/Common People cover. I was watching a clip of it on YouTube and was instantly struck by this tall pale skinny guy doing the singing-- who was he? Fascinated purely on a visual level at first, I began to look for more pictures of him to use as a visual inspiration for a project.

Of course, that inevitably led to listening to more of his music. After an initial period where I had a kneejerk "meh" reaction to some of his more "80s" stuff (nothing against it, just not my style!) I found that I suddenly couldn't get enough of his music! Even songs I'd initially dismissed get stuck in my head now. I love the entirety of Rain and am working on learning to appreciate the older stuff as well. Such songs as I'm the Man and On Your Radio are just timeless and so much fun.

In addition to liking JJ's music more and more, I also really enjoy him as a showman-- I've lost track of how many YouTube clips featuring JJ I now have in my favorites. :D He's got such a great presence and charisma on stage, funny and snarky and wonderful.

Currently, my very favorite song is A Place in the Rain (this changes at a moment's notice-- how can I pick?) and my favorite clip of him performing is this 2002 performance of Got the Time-- so much energy and charge there! And he's damn hot in that long coat. :D

I was quite sad to realize I discovered JJ about two months too late to catch his most recent tour. Still, I hope that maybe in a year or so he'll grace us with another chance to catch him live. Pleased to meet you all, and I hope a few of you are still here!
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If you feel like delving, and can find a copy, go listen to his "Live 1980/1986" double album. Since he gets bored doing the same versions of songs over and over, he likes to change things up, do rearrangements. This album not only has some of the finest examples of that, it has some AMAZING work by his band. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to this album.
Oooh, thanks for the tip! I will definitely check it out. :)
And after that, listen to Joe reading from his auto biography. This is a rare treat.

check it out